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What Is Fraxy

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Fraxy is a 2D top down shooter which consists almost entirely of boss fights. A boss in Fraxy consists of at least one core (the main part of the boss) and various other parts (very similar to Warning Forever). In Fraxy the player can fight one of the many "default" bosses, or a boss created by the player themself, or even (if you're at this site you're probably aware of this) creations from other Fraxy players. The nearly endless possibilities of boss setups is what really makes Fraxy such a great game. If you like shooters at all, you will most likely love Fraxy, and even if you don't, you might enjoy it quite a bit as well.



The other side to Fraxy is the scenarios. Found from the title screen in the section labelled "Try", the scenarios can be anything from facing countless weak enemyies, to a series of boss battles. Currently scenarios are strictly one life only (if you die, you lose) , and can even have time limits. Unfortunately the game only comes with a very few basic scenarios for the player to try out, and custom scenarios are not nearly as easy to create as enemies. Custom scenarios are quite possible, and if you understand scripting at all, aren't that bad to make. A scenario can consist of pretty much anything a person could think of for a 2d shooter game, so they can offer a great deal of fun as well.

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